Note To Paul Ryan, Some Just Need A little Help From A Village

a_560x375 ryanWith the current onslaught of mothers in the news, it's no wonder that one of the latest stories to make the media rounds is about an Arizona mom.

This mom has been arrested, and her two small children placed in foster care, because she left them alone in a car.

Not for some of the reasons I've read about misbehaving parents, she didn't leave her children in the car to go to strip club, or to have a romantic tryst in another car.

This homeless mom left her children to go to a job interview.

Seems fitting that I should react to the plight of this mom, since it was just a few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about mothers leaving their most precious possession in the care of boyfriends, and other suspect characters.

Now we have Arizona mom with not even that option.
What's a mother to do?

We've heard it takes a village, it was a popular catch phrase a few years ago, but what if you have no village?

This mom was quoted "I just need a job".

This is in sharp contrast to the speech Paul Ryan made lamenting the fact that some individuals do not want to work, and have a cultural of not working.

Could it be maybe, just maybe Mr. Ryan, some have fewer options, and opportunities to find work?
A common thread has been how fortunate this woman was to have gotten an interview for employment.
Some never get that far in the process.

These are not the Roaring 80's when jobs, and opportunities were more accessible.
If you wanted a job then, you could very likely get a job.

A little thing like the recession has changed all that.

Maybe not for Paul Ryan, but for countless others.

So although over $60,000 has been raised to aid this mom, she remains in jail, and her children are now "in the system".

Arizona has tough laws regarding leaving children in cars, and they should.
We are not for one moment condoning this mother's actions, that March morning the temperature was rising to over 80 degrees.

What is needed is just maybe a little compassion.

Think of the desperation this mother may have felt, few if any options seemed available to her.

If you can't be a village, maybe pray that a parent in need will find one.

And don't look at others with the myopic eye of Paul Ryan.

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