Cliven Bundy Another American Historian

Adam Silver, the Commissioner for the NBA, had a real dilemma confront him in the first few months in his new job.

Decades of knowing that one of the owners of a basketball team was a litigious and contentious racist,  losing the largest housing discrimination lawsuit in history,  he was allowed to flourish and become one of many billionaire owners.

Granted his behavior was whispered about, and was a well-known secret in and around the  league.

No repercussions were ever imposed on him.

This was all before the tenure of this current Commissioner.

But once startling and non refuted evidence surfaced, this owner's voice on a recording espousing a lot of his hate-filled rhetoric, immediate action was taken.

The decision of Mr. Silver was swift and uncompromising.

Some have complained the punishment was too harsh.

Who released those tapes, and was the owner aware he was being recorded?

To those questions many says, who cares ?

The response time to this crisis is what is commendable.

Which leads me directly to Mr. Bundy, the Nevada rancher who for over two decades has allowed his cattle to graze on federal land, without paying any fees.

Although fees and taxes have been levied against this rancher, he has been allowed to continue to break the law with impunity.

So why suddenly a few weeks ago, federal agents came to Nevada to exact some type of punishment on the freeloading cattle rancher, and melon farmer?

The government was met with resistance as neighboring fellow ranchers, took up Mr. Bundy's cause with guns and determination.

The government retreated, and as of this date no punishment has been exacted against this man.

But as usual in these cases, the law breaker began to express his well researched views on Blacks in this country.

Included in his diatribe he espouses  the benefits of slavery,  and to compare himself with the heroes of the Civil Rights movement, one being Rosa Parks.

Once someone is thrown into the public eye, why do they suddenly become American historians, and experts on the feelings of Blacks in America?

Mr. Bundy and others when confronted with your trials and tribulations handle them on your own, leave others out of your battle.

And to the federal government when a citizen commits a crime for over two decades don't just run away, and hope it all goes away.

Take a page out of Mr. Silver's playbook, and take immediate action.


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