Chicago's Mayor and Police Commissioner, Have You Made Any Plans For This Summer?

Mayor Emanuel And Chicago Police Chief Discuss New Initiative To Combat CrimeThe temperatures will be climbing slowly in the next couple of weeks, and what a welcome relief that will be.

This has been an exceptional winter with brutally cold weather, and record breaking snow falls.
Everyone is waiting for that first real warm spring day.

Plans are being made either mentally, or very definite.

If nothing else but to shed the heavy winter coats, and utilitarian foot wear.

But some are anticipating the first day of warm weather with absolute trepidation.

The nervous nellies know that the murder rate will soar upwards, along with the temps.

What a complete and utterly horrific way to live.

But this is Chicago, 2014.

Although crimes are committed all year, we anticipate an onslaught when the warm weather arrives.
Oh, how we'd like to be wrong, but the past is a pretty clear predictor of the future.

If we know this certainly our officials could look ahead, and have made contingency plans for the coming months.

But not with the obligatory regularly scheduled news conference, telling the citizens of the city, and the world that the murder rate is lower than last year.

Frankly, Sirs we don't believe you.

Every year is mind boggling bad.

As Judge Judy so delicately puts it, "don't pee on my leg, and tell me it's raining".

Not every murder occurs on the mean streets of the city, not all murder victims are teenage boys.

With more guns on the streets in the hands of anyone with or without a FOID card, everyone should be more aware.

If some can see the signs of a violent summer ahead, certainly you two can, more cops in known danger areas, a heavy police presence might help.

Once arrested, stay in jail.

Just thoughts, you're the professionals.

We just don't want to see our law enforcement officials look so flat-footed, and inept.

We're tired of hearing "no suspects are in custody".

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