Oscar Speaks, and Some are Happy About It.

The 86th annual Oscar award show is over, and what a show it was.

I have watched these shows for more years than I will ever admit to here, and this is by far the best.

The acceptance speeches this year were golden, pun intended.

I've never put much credence in those speeches in the past, I usually find them so loooooong and self serving. With hearth felt thanks going out to everyone from their agent, all the little people behind the scenes, including the food craft services, and those delicious brownies.
I'm usually weary, waiting for the music to signal an end to the speech. I have actually squirmed hoping they could get it all out, before a hook comes, and yanks them off the stage.

Despite the incomparable host, the star-studded selfie, and the impromptu pizza party, here are some of the speeches that were the high-light of the show:

Lupita Nyong'o encouraged young people when she said, "YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID".

Darlene Love sang her thanks with "HIS EYES ARE ON THE SPARROW".

A slower moving Sidney Poitier admonished the audience to, "KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK".
Not too many dry eyes after that.

Jared Leto a favorite of the Oscars, (and mine), mentioned the people of the Ukraine, and human equality, both timely and political.

The musical writing duo, the Lopezes, dropped rhymes in their speech, mentioning their kid's names, guaranteeing popularity points at school.

Matthew McConaughey invoked God in his thanks, how often does that happen?
And he ended it with his signature, AW RIGHT!, AW RIGHT!, AW RIGHT!

And finally, social media was waiting with bated breath to see if Cate Blanchett would mention WOODY ALLEN in her speech.

But those who doubt the sincerity and humanness of these big stars should listen to Angelina Jolie, who credited her Mother for her works in human rights.

Good job Oscars.

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