Chicagoland nor Lindsay Lohan Are Ready for Their Close-up

lindsay_lohan_oprahWell the public has spoken with lukewarm ratings for these docudramas, Chicagoland on CNN, and Lindsay Lohan on the OWN network.
I'm surmising that the lower than expected viewership numbers on the debut nights, will plummet even lower for the remaining episodes.

Both shows were heavily promoted, Chicagoland having a premiere night to hawk it further, and add glamour to the project.
And anything with Robert Redford's name attached will become 'can't miss TV'.
So some of us did watch, after all it has Chicago in the title.
We're big, we're gritty that's part of our charm.
We're also beautiful and philanthropic, windy but not the windiest, cultured, with a bit of Midwestern friendliest too.
The city does have it's flaws, there's no denying them.
But what ails this city can't be summarized in a 9 part series.
At the end would everything be resolved and all those loose ends tied neatly in a bow, 'now look how pretty we are, everything is honky dory'.
We are not so easily fixable, and certainly not with the glaring spotlight of a camera crew.
We do need dialogue among each other, but not the canned 3 second sound bites that makes for dramatic TV watching.
We're like the family down the street, we have our issues, everyone in the neighborhood knows it.
We're loud and attention grabbing, but we need help that only professionals can give.
Not airing our dirty laundry for the whole block to see.
The block can gawk and talk, but in the end, offer no solutions to our problems.

Similarly, Lindsay Lohan does not need to be on TV during this important stage in her recovery.
Rehabilitation has a poor track record on TV.
On the once heralded Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab shows 5 people died.
Five people that's a horrendous percentage, those shows are off the air now, and I'm hoping never to return.
Dr. Drew does have some expertise in treating addictions, however his own daughter has announced that she has a serious eating disorder.

The cobbler's kids are barefoot.

Oprah, who has the financial pull to lure Ms. Lohan is similarly not equipped to help an addicted person.
A few years before her death Whitney Houston appeared on Ms. Winfrey's TV show declaring her sobriety and, blaming most of her troubles on her ex-husband.

Ms. Winfrey proclaimed her HEALED.

Anyone with an ounce of discernment could see that the wool was being pulled over the TV host's face.
All addicts lie and shift the blame.

Ms Lohan is no less adapt, she is a moving train wreck, imploding in front of the cameras.
She refused to go to her AA Meeting, because the cameras would follow her, exactly what she signed on for.
She is NOT being helped for her many problems, from hoarding to alcohol addiction.

Just like Chicago, Lindsay needs to heal and work on her problems, without the world watching.

Chicago and Lindsay can be best served with the help of dedicated professionals, implementing an uncompromising tough love approach, not the unwavering intrusiveness of a TV camera.

Neither are ready for their close-up.


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