An Open Letter to Young Moms

mothering-not-alone-300x199Boy, have Moms been maligned lately, working Moms against stay at home Moms, hovering Moms, too permissive Moms. Breast feeding in public, and waiting too long to wean.

Sleeping in the bed with the parents, versus sleeping down the hall with a monitor.

No matter which camps the Mom falls in, there are lot's of different articles to be found on any given day, dozens of books written, and a cadre of well meaning, older more "experienced" Moms with advice.

As tempted as I have been to join that latter group where I so aptly belong, I've held off giving my most sage advice to a younger Mom.

First, I think back to when I was in fact one of you, I "knew" so much before this process ever began.
I was a READER, way before social media. So much so in my delivery room, I could carry on a decent conversation with my attending Doctors and nurses on the benefits of "natural" birth, as opposed to any drugs being administered during labor.
I was in the latter camp, no drugs for me, and my little one.
We could tough it out.
A young intern would extol to me the advances in taking "something" to make the process easier, and because they were available, why not take advantage of the breakthroughs in medicine.

Mothers did it before these medical advances, so could I.

I continued to stand firm, or lay firm, no drugs ever going from me to my little one.
I prevailed my first and only job was to protect the innocent one, who had no voice.

Now I feel compelled to try to protect the newest little ones with a very simple plea.

Mothers please protect your young babies.

There are so many news stories on missing children, left in the care of a boyfriend who are later found murdered.
The Mothers left their most precious young child with a man, usually who they trusted, after all he loves you, so naturally he'll love your child.
Not necessarily, actually chances are neither of you are safe with this particular predator.

We know the Mothers must leave their babies at times, there are the necessities of life,  jobs,  school, just getting away for a few hours.

Sanity breaks are needed at every stage. Taking YOU time is not selfish, it's vital.

But you must know the person(s) you entrust to take care of your children.

If it is a short relationship, they have NOT earned the right to be alone with your child.

I know this is bad but doubt everyone, before they have been vetted enough to take charge of your little ones.
If not a trusted relative, you must go the extremes to make sure YOU can trust the person caring for your child.

Motherhood is the most important job you'll ever have.

It's sometimes a thankless job, but the rewards are many.

Mothers protect your children, they have no voice.


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