My Favorite Posts of 2013, And A Few "Boomerisms"

It's a new year, a time for new beginnings, and maybe a little reflection on the past year.

There are lot's of "The Best Of" lists going around, since this blog is fledgling and still trying to get it's bearings, there are no best, but there are my favorites.

Like a parent and their children, I love them all the same.
So in no particular order my favorites of 2013.

1.Why Can't a Size 14 or Larger Girl Get The Guy?
February 16, 2013
This was very personal to me, cause I think any size girl can get the guy, it's not about the number in your dress, but the love and respect you have for you. That confidence will show and draw others to you.

2.Is The Violence Against Women Act Really Necessary?
March 2, 2013
When someone you respect, read and comment on your post that is a banner day. Although, my perspective was not clear to my reader, I was beaming about our exchange.

3.Jason Collins Stepped Out of The Closet and into Infinity
May 6, 2013
I had a different take on this news making story. While I am a strong proponent of all LGBT strides to full equality, I felt the hoopla over this athletes' coming out was misplaced, you're gay, so what? Live your life with honesty and integrity.

Which leads me to this choice gem,
"Be yourself, everyone else is taken".

4.October Is Not Just about Halloween
October 30, 2013
Another post that got comments from bloggers whom I really admire, love their work, and I was pleased when they read and commented on this post. One "great post" goes a long way.

5.Scandal Watching Is Not Hazardous To Your Moral Health
November 14, 2013
Responses to this post were encouraging, but I have to make an admission. While this TV show is widely viewed, and hugely popular, I defended it against some of it's critics.
However, it is not the show I would recommend to true drama enthusiasts.
The better show to me is Being MARY JANE, airing Tuesday, January 7th on BET.

Words to live by:
"You wouldn't worry about what people thought about you, if you knew how seldom they did".

"Take care of YOU first, then you can help others".

Happy, Healthy New Year to all.


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  • I will have to go back and catch the earlier ones, before I was subscribing to your blog. Great list!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Thanks Kathy, I'm overjoyed at your reading my past blogs, I respect your perspective.

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