Nelson Mandela: He Forgave With A Smile

If we all could be a little like Nelson Mandela, what a difference this world would look like.

The reports that Kanye West had gone off the deep end again, and compared himself to the freedom seeker from South Africa are NOT TRUE. It was just a satirical spoof of the past rantings of West, ie. Yeezus.

Although, he never uttered those words, he did compare himself to JESUS, so it's not a stretch to believe he would want to be like Mr. Mandela.
Kanye has never lacked confidence, modesty not so much. So who better to emulate than someone who has achieved such world wide esteem?

We know it's within the realm of possibility, we could strive to be more like Mr. Mandela,but who among us could come close?
He had freely admitted he had made mistakes, we all have.
He still had a level of simple good in him, seldom matched in mere mortals.
He has shown he is humble, gracious under fire, smiling but never a martyr or victim.

The fact that he could not only forgive his captors, and many more who had aided in his imprisonment for 27 years.
He remained friends with his jailer after his release from prison, and invited him to be his guest at his inauguration.

Now that's Forgiveness.

Most of us will never reach Mr. Mandela's level of charity, love of our fellowman, and Forgiveness.
We all could attempt to be more compassionate to each other.
If you can't help, don't hurt, this is a great motto.

The Pickens County, South Carolina Sheriff, while denying an Executive Order to lower the U.S. flag to half staff, has stated he would NOT lower the flag for someone who was not an American.
There are those who feel the sheriff's behavior is the epitome of not American.

While it is difficult for me to readily accept the Sheriff's refusal to acknowledge a mortal man, I'm sure Mr. Mandela could quite easily, and with a smile.

Rest In Peace.


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  • He is an inspiration to us all and because of him, his country was able to move forward. I aspire to be as forgiving.

    Great piece.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Hey Kathy, we can all aspire, some have better chances of making it, you're in that number.
    Thanks for reading.

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