Scandal Watching Not Hazardous To Your Moral Health

The super success of the TV show Scandal, has gone global.

What is not lost on the original followers of the show, is that this show is written and created by an African American female.

And most telling is this is not the first hit she has created for network television.

But this one is garnering the most attention, largely negative from some who has NEVER watched a  minute of this hour long drama.

This phenomenon that I can say I've never witnessed before, the bashing of the ACTRESS for the character she's playing on TV.

The criticism is personal, not the acting, plot, or the improbability of some aspects in the story line.

The most irrational reasons for not liking the show is the female lead is carrying on an affair with the married President of the United States.

Infidelity is not new to televised dramas, or in real life.

Watching this show will not have a negative impact on your relationship, that's a promise. And if it does there were a few problems before you turned the TV on.

One of the most egregious aspects of the story is the role of the President, who never leaves the "Oval Office".

No one ever questions his actions, why? Maybe because everyone realizes he is an actor, playing the President.

There are the writers who sit at a computer, and write the words these actors will speak.

There is a director who tells the actors where to walk, sit, stand, and when to drink a glass of wine.  Another criticism, I've heard is the lead actress drinks too much wine.

Lot's of complaints has been leveled at the actress on the choice of her attire.

Usually the actors do not choose their wardrobe, that job is relegated to someone else.

I'm sensitive to fact that the vitriol against this show seemed laser beamed directly at the actress playing a role.

Is there more to the condemnation of this actress, playing a fictional character?

A black actress, who is very good at her job.

She is playing a role, hundreds do it everyday without the scrutiny given this working actress.

Millions will continue to watch this show every week, with very little fear that they will suddenly be compelled to sleep with the leader of the free world.














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  • I have never seen the show but I adore Shonda Rhimes who graduated from my daughter's H.S. and whose brilliant older sister I taught at Rich East. I will have to catch an episode and send a fan letter to counterbalance all the other fools out there.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Hey Kathy, I didn't know Ms. Rhimes had an Illinois connection. Scary what a small world this is.
    The show is really just average, but it has caught on with viewers. My problem of course was knocking the actress Kerry Washington, for the role she plays.
    Thanks for reading, and commenting.

  • I write about this show and try to keep my ear to the grindstone, and I've heard very little criticism lobbed toward Olivia Pope. I think the consensus is that she's awesome, dresses great, and is a smart, professional woman. The biggest complaint anyone has is, yes, that she's hooking up with the president; but most people aren't upset about the act itself, just that stupid Fitz isn't good enough for Olivia and she needs to extricate herself from the situation.

  • First of all thank you so much for reading and commenting. The criticism I hear and I must admit from black men mostly (not all) is about Ms. Washington, and the fact that a black woman is sleeping with a white man. Super hypocritical, but that was my point. Trying to impress to those that this is fiction.

    I admire your work, thanks again.

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