Blackface, Blacks The New Black

Blackface, and Black people are the new "it" accessory.

Black is known to make you look thinner, who knew it could make you look cooler.

Who would have thought this compelling need to go to any social event in blackface would extend to way past the customary Halloween season.

What is so enticing about being in blackface, that no other adornment would complete your costume as much?

This news making trend is gaining in popularity, it's the in look for so many social events,where red face, yellow face or beige face would never tread, blackface is there in record numbers.

Blackface is the preferred look for a variety of people from entertainers, law enforcement officers, and regular college kids just wanting to have fun.

It gained in popularity across the pond as magazine editors find blackface the look to have,when wearing the latest fashions.

Is it too late for a disclaimer ?  Well here it is, I've never found putting black paint all over your face that offensive.  I thought well people tan, they want to look different than they way they look ordinarily.

With the large proliferation of this fun activity, and the fact that while I may think of it as harmless,and just plain dumb, others are in fact highly offended.

With that in mind people with your  paint brush poised, ready to paint, step away from the blackface.

If it offends one person, stop.

Also in this same vein, Black has become the "it" accessory, whether as part of your  costume,  or your entourage if you are certain young 'entertainers'.

These people ( we know who they are) would not make a music video, or perform in a  live telecast  without the accompanying, twerking black girl. Twerking alone would just not have the same effect.

A famous young 'star' had a party and of all the invited guests most were A and B list Black entertainers.

This young man wouldn't leave home without his black entourage , a group of hangers on that guarantees hipness, and assures his street cred is intact.

His circle of  'friends' join in on all the antics, some criminal that this youngster engages in.

Although he tries to guard is privacy, his "peeps" will sell his pictures to the highest bidder, and leak all his plans. How do you think the party guest list was revealed? It was sworn to secrecy.

Whether you're twerking with black girls, cats, foam fingers or heavy equipment , you're getting the attention you so crave.

Would it have the same effect without your black accessories?

This  is pretty old, and you guys are very young,but the saying is "to thine own self be true".






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  • I agree with your statement, if it offends one person, stop.

    That is a good rule to live by.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Kathy, thank you for your continued support.
    Happy and healthy holiday to you and your family.

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