Safe Passage To Syria

I've participated in quite a few polls in the last few days from Facebook groups, asking if I would agree with this country invading Syria, over their use of atomic weapons. Unequivocally my answers has always been a resounding NO!

This would come as no big surprise to anyone who has been paying attention, if I was asked the same queries regarding the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, the answer would have been the same. So simple, I'm against any and all wars.

If this country were attacked, or had invaded another country because of claims of them amassing weapons of mass destruction, same answer.

The intelligence that was relied on to start those wars is proof enough we act way before all the facts are in.

Former President Bush and his hawkish  advisers have been castigated for not only giving misleading information to the world, but in my so humble opinion, downright lies about their reasons for instigating those wars.

How I was hoping this President could serve the remainder of his term without the stigma of a war on his legacy. With all the attending collateral damage a war could cause on his already maligned Presidency.

Not withstanding the toll on an already struggling America, who would sign on for another costly war in terms of the loss of our most precious commodity, human lives?

Naive? Yes.

Uninformed on matters of the Middle East? Another yes.

What I do know is war is much worse than hell.

Has any other alternatives been  discussed or contemplated?

Sweden, has decide to forgo war in favor of humanitarian assistance.

This peace-loving country has offered amnesty to any Syrian citizen wanting to leave their country, for a safe haven.

What a concept, help not hurt.

Something else I know, my mantra "The United States can not police the world", has never been more evident than the safe passage program implemented by the Mayor and the Board of Education. It failed BEFORE school started, when several people were shot along the routes that were deemed safe for students going and coming from school.

The program was declared a success on the first day of school by the Police Superintendent because no one was shot or killed on safe passage routes, that day.

Hallelujah! that's success?

Safe passage is neither safe nor implemented properly.

Note to this country: if your house is not in order, you cannot  put another country's house in order.

Stay out of the war business, your house is in shambles.


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  • I agree with you completely. Nice post.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Kathy I appreciate your feedback, let's hope there is no senseless war,
    and children are safe to travel to and from school.

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