Empowering Your Daughters Not to Give A Flying **** About Boy's Rating System

Yes, I know it's easier said than done, to impress upon your girls that they are great, regardless of others opinion of them.

Rating systems have been utilized since the beginning of time. Who is smartest, cutest, best ( fill in the body part), my all-time favorite, "Most Likely To Succeed".

Did any of the ratings stand the test of time?

I would hazard a guess, and say most don't.

Yet, how do you tell your precious, so vulnerable to these ripe with real anxiety teen years, that they are the only one to define themselves.

You do it Everyday by believing it yourself, if your school years were angst filled, and you're still reliving some long ago slight, or embarrassment it might pose more of a challenge.

But you press on, you tell your teenagers both boys and girls that it might feel like it, but  this is NOT forever, and they should find the joy, and fun in everyday.

Everyone wants to be well-liked and thought highly of , never more so than in high school when alliances and cliques are forged.

Let your teenager feel and believe that your are their port in every storm, that they can depend and trust you to always be on their team, win, lose or draw.

You don't have to hover, but be aware of everything that involves your child.

How many times will I have to say this, monitor your child's time on the internet, phones, all devices.

This ain't your Grandmama 's world.

I can't and won't attempt to diminish the importance of just saying, "I Love You" to your teens.

Pretty simplistic yet so important for your teens to hear and believe. Important to say those little words to other loved ones on a regular basis, also.

Another old fashioned truism, teens should know, it doesn't matter what you're called, it only matters what you answer to.

So never embrace or accept any negativity, once the person knows what affects you, that's what they'll use against you. "Never let 'em see you sweat" and "Be cool"  really means  something. Good advice for all ages.

Lastly, who would have guessed I would have felt the need to use****  in any forum, but it was my best choice to say, Girls Be Strong, and Love You.

















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