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Accepting The Consequences Of Running From The Cops

The video showing a man being hit by a police car, is much more than disturbing. It is a multi dimensional account of what can happen when someone, commits an act so stupid and senseless, the outcome can be stupid and senseless, too. In an online community post, the incident was discussed,bemoaning the fact another... Read more »

Empowering Your Daughters Not to Give A Flying **** About Boy's Rating System

Yes, I know it’s easier said than done, to impress upon your girls that they are great, regardless of others opinion of them. Rating systems have been utilized since the beginning of time. Who is smartest, cutest, best ( fill in the body part), my all-time favorite, “Most Likely To Succeed”. Did any of the... Read more »

Safe Passage To Syria

I’ve participated in quite a few polls in the last few days from Facebook groups, asking if I would agree with this country invading Syria, over their use of atomic weapons. Unequivocally my answers has always been a resounding NO! This would come as no big surprise to anyone who has been paying attention, if... Read more »