The Jacksons' Fall From Political Grace: Not So Priceless

The sentences for Jesse Jackson Jr., and his wife Sandi Jackson has been handed down.

The Judge, while acknowledging that petitions were submitted to her for leniency for the pair, she could not do it.

From her intonation it seemed as if this famous pair must be shown to have not gotten preferential treatment.

Although, both their sentences were shorter than the recommended guidelines. He was sentenced to 30 months in a federal facility, while Mrs. Jackson was given 12months, to be served after her husband has completed his time. He is eligible for a shorter stay, if he behaves himself.

It seems the Judge tried in so many ways not to show favoritism to the pair, I can't help but think some kind of special accommodation was made consciously, or not so consciously.

Why is it so hard for famous people to be called up on their wrong doings, and once called, there is the inevitable all is forgotten and forgiven, after the initial fall from grace.

The two candidates in the race in New York City are prime examples, Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer should both be sitting this election out.

The Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner should resign NOW, he should not be given a pass for his sleazy behavior with women. If he were a private citizen, yet held a position of power his conduct once acknowledged, would not be condoned.  The inevitable fear of lawsuits would hasten his departure.

And we all know of the transgressions of the elder Jackson, after his public missteps, is it any wonder the son feels he could commit any dumb senseless acts, and the oh so forgiving public would eventually accept him back, after all he's seen it happen so many times before.

I for one, think it should stop here,the road back for mishandling the people's trust should be long and arduous.

If these public figures could see their reckless and entitled actions has consequences, maybe just maybe, we would get the politicians we truly deserve.


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  • I agree with you. The only way I was able to justify it in my own head was that at least they owned it, apologized, plead guilty and cooperated.
    If a teacher were convicted of a felony the teaching license would be yanked. The same thing should happen to politicians!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Yes, only after they were confronted.
    Absolutely, it is all a betrayal of trust and authority.
    Hey Kathy, thanks for reading.

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