Teens,Twentysomethings Suicide Is Just Not The Answer

Within the last few days there has been two suicides by young people in the news.

They were happy by all accounts, accomplishing and "had it all together" to outsiders.

Both were 29 years old, and now both are dead.

Why? We ask this question and we think we might know the answers, lost love,  fear of being discovered for just being themselves, outside forces too numerous to name, bullying being the most common.

The underlying theme to me is the pain, probably so severe and pervasive that no end is in sight.

A common aspect for young people in turmoil, the lack of seeing around the corner, the idea that this crisis will continue 'til the end of time. And the notion that no one else has ever felt like this before, and no one ever will.

How can we tell them that old saying "time will heal all wounds " might sound trite and impossible to comprehend at the time, is still so very true.

With a new school year starting there is  an onslaught of pressures so intense to these young hearts and minds that might feel too overwhelming.

While young people usually put on the happy face for the adults in their lives, parents must be extra vigilant and in constant contact with your kids, like having real conversations with them.

Get involved and stay involved with all aspects of their lives.

Hopefully, you'll know when it gets to be too invasive and counter productive, they shut down.

Now for the part that will seem over the top, and difficult to enforce, curtail so much social media, constant cell phone,facebooking and twittering, should be closely monitored. I know I'm really dating myself, but we were limited to the time we spent on the telephone, the only social media of the day.

I know for the twentysomethings and beyond who have left home it may pose more of a challenge. Just be a welcoming, non judgmental place for them to come and share.

This problem was not a concern for a certain demographic a few years ago, now it encompasses all races, and ages.

Please love, look and listen, it can be a cold lonely world to those so young.









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  • I agree completely and both of those suicides broke my heart and I didn't even know them. I want to hug every young person and say, it will get better, I swear to you it will. Nice post.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Yes so sad, and with the school year starting I feel for these kids, who think their angst will never go away or get better.
    Thanks for your comments, as usual.

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