Zimmerman Trial Is Over,Now Let's Help Stem The Gun Violence In Our Cities

The verdict has been handed down, George Zimmerman was found "not guilty".

Not "innocent" as I've seen reported.

The prosecutors had the burden to prove their charges of murder in the 2nd degree, or manslaughter.

They did neither.

As the Judge said Saturday night, Mr Zimmerman had no more business with this court.

This case was closed.

What happens next only time will tell, more charges leveled against this man from the Federal Government is yet to be known.

The one thing that is known for sureĀ  a 16 year old boy was shot and killed in the South Deering neighborhood this weekend.

Where is the outrage?

And a report in "Crime In Chicago" stated that 47 school age children and younger had been killed in this city, so far in 2013.

Where are the demonstrations?

With the passage of the Concealed and Carry law, do we dare dream that there will be less killings every day in this city?

I'm imagining a kind of daily/ weekly gunfight like the wild wild west, where everyone is packing, and shooting randomly at each other.

This is the height of madness, we do the same thing and expect, dare hope that something will change.

This is when protests should be held, marches, sit ins , and stand ins, it was quite effective in the 60s.

These situations are no less dire, lives literally hang in the balance.

I've been intimated to be a Zimmerman supporter, because I dare ask/ beg that something be done about the senseless murders that happen in this city and other cities, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

To care about the future victims of gun violence, does NOT negate my shared feelings of loss, and sadness experienced by the loved ones and supporters of the Martin family.





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