More Conservative In Old Age, Maybe, But Abusers Should Step Off

I've heard the old adage that the older you get, the more conservative you become.

Well since I don't believe in adages no matter how old, this would never be a concern of mine.

After all, I believe in freedom for Everyone, no matter your race, religion or sexual orientation, and have penned a few blogs, and expressed those views much to the chagrin of  more than a few.

However, I believe the Democratic politicians that have been making headlines with their very bad behavior toward women, should step away from the spotlight, to allow a better representative of the party to emerge.

After all this party is known for it's embracing of women and our issues, issues as varied as we are.

It was the "other" that was derided for having a war on women.

The San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been accused of grabbing his female employees, and making very lewd suggestions to them, reminiscent of a teenage boys' behavior.

After some of the women came forward,  the Mayor could no longer deny these charges, which is always their first response.

His remedy is to go away for therapy for his "affliction", while continuing to run the city.

Not good enough, I think this official should  hand over his job to someone else, so his total concentration can be devoted to him  trying to figure out why a man of his age, and experience would think it was ok to grab women and make those statements to them about getting naked in the office.

The citizens of his city, and members of his party deserves much better.

The texting former Congressman Anthony Weiner should step out of the race for Mayor of New York city, he said the voters should decide, decency has already decided.

If by some strange occurrence he got elected, his office would be ripe for blackmail and payoffs, we know he couldn't or wouldn't keep his fingers off the send button and other things.

Eliot Spitzer should not be allowed to control the city's finances, he is known for frequenting prostitutes, do you really want him in charge of the purse strings?

Please guys, step off the stage, and get the help you need.













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  • No kidding, some of these guys are such an embarrassment.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    So true,they're just as bad as the others.

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