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More Conservative In Old Age, Maybe, But Abusers Should Step Off

I’ve heard the old adage that the older you get, the more conservative you become. Well since I don’t believe in adages no matter how old, this would never be a concern of mine. After all, I believe in freedom for Everyone, no matter your race, religion or sexual orientation, and have penned a few... Read more »

Zimmerman Trial Is Over,Now Let's Help Stem The Gun Violence In Our Cities

The verdict has been handed down, George Zimmerman was found “not guilty”. Not “innocent” as I’ve seen reported. The prosecutors had the burden to prove their charges of murder in the 2nd degree, or manslaughter. They did neither. As the Judge said Saturday night, Mr Zimmerman had no more business with this court. This case... Read more »

202 People Killed In Chicago, And One In Sanford, Florida

Saturday the death toll surpassed 200 people killed in Chicago, so far this year. Since then there has been the usual wringing of hands, glaring headlines, and the obligatory news conference by the police Superintendent. I’m always amazed that no matter the staggering numbers of people killed on Chicago streets, they are always downplayed as”not... Read more »