Who are Terrorist? Not Everyone With Dark Skin

Lately, I've heard a cetain mantra repeated pertaining to life, blogging and getting up on stage at a comedy club.
Step out of your comfort zone.
Well from one always deeply entrenched in my comfort zone,I'm ready to step.

I know my voice, I just didn't want it to sound strident.
Yes, Miss "I write what I feel, how I feel, when I feel", had some trepidation.

The newsman John King on CNN reported very early after the Boston Marathon bombings, that authorities were looking for "dark skin" men.

I wondered along with many others I'm sure, were they really looking for these men, or was that the assumed description of any unknown entity once mass destruction and chaos erupts.

Who else could it be delivering such an obvious planned attack at this momentous event, in this great city?

Dark skin people of every persuasion were on notice.

One Muslim wife and Mother wrote, I'm so afraid for my family,not just my husband and sons, but for all of us.
And of course some were harmed, because they fit the profile of the radical, wild eyed extremist, who would do this horrific thing to our country.

But of course the real bombers,terrorist will be referred here as the killers, were NOT dark skin.

They fit right in with the collegiate atmosphere of the city.
They easily assimilated with American culture, what could be more American than a backward baseball cap?

If you didn't hear them speak, you would have never known, that they were not American born and bred.
After all they didn't have dark skin or radicalized attire.

The killers are this country's worst enemy, because they can move easily and unnoticed any where they choose. Even when warned about the oldest killer, the government overlooked the warning.

Mr.King has issued an apology for his wrong statement.

Too little, too late?

I wonder if this incorrect information, had hindered law enforcement in finding the real killers sooner.
Or lead to the death of one victim, Sean Collier,MIT Security officer.

We only know the wrong information can be both harmful, and hateful.

Choose your words with care.

Lesson we all should learn, as well as step out of our comfort zone.


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  • His apology was too little too late. It is odd because when it first happened, I assumed it was some right wing white guy with hate issues living in his parents basement.

    I guess we shouldn't make any assumptions.

    And I am happy to be in the 47% as well!

    Nice post!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Thanks Kathy, agreed we never know who the crazies are or where they will come from.
    Happy to meet another 47 percenter.

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