No Poetic Justice for Using Maya Angelou

As warned, I knew a few rants were in my future.
They'll only be utilized when I have the uncontrollable urge to call an idiot, an idiot.

So here goes.

Normally, I would send this "person" a writer for one of the city's newspapers a scathing email, when he wrote something so blantantly out of line.
Since we disagree on most things, (life,death and everything in between) I emailed a lot, especially during this past election.

This time however, instead of his eyes only, I decided to share with my readers,all nine eyes,oh ok six eyes.

To further his stance for absolutely no gun control ever,under any circumstances, this "writer", picked on an 85 year old lady to boost his position.

He wrote Maya Angelou, told Time magazine in an interview, that she had guns, and liked the feeling of having a gun in her home. Not carrying them around with her, on her many speaking engagements and appearances.

This prolific poet said in the article that she had on one occasion heard a sound outside her window, "it was fall, I heard someone walking on the leaves".
She got her gun, and everyone is glad she did, except maybe the creep outside her house.
Ms. Angelou fired her weapon, and the coward fled, like all cowards do when confronted.

We are relieved and greatful that SHE could tell this story, and it's outcome.

The "writer" concedes that he clings to his religion and his guns.
Cling a little tighter to your religion, because you and all your readers know you have no love for this lady.
Strong, independent thinking women are not your usual cup of tea,(pun intended).

Does anyone really think this is what gun control advocates have in mind when they say, guns should be registered, there should be a ban on assault weapons, and on magazines holding more than 10 rounds?

The poet did get her gun.

It was hers, and it was Not a body exploding assault weapon.

Mr."Writer", you know who you are, stop grasping at straws, and please don't use a 85 year old lady to help sell your antiquated and hate-filled ideas.

Any household that wants a gun for protection should have it.

And anyone who says, gun control means take your guns away, is still an idiot.

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