Republicans, Save your 10 Million Dollars, Try Something Different: Honesty

CPAC is over, the Rebulican "thinktank" has voted,they elected Rand Paul as their next savior, or sacrificial lamb.

At this year's conference held in idyllic and scenic, National Harbor, Maryland, the faithful spoke.
They also yelled, cursed and most telling, they lied.
There was the usual infighting as the more honest and pragmatic of this group, tried to tell it like it is.

With subjects like Gay Rights, No Change.
Immigration Reform,No Policy Changes.

Some conservatives, did feel because of their overwhelming trouncing in 2012, they had better make some changes in order to win in 2016.

Among the proposed changes:
Spend 10 million dollars, on outreach, try to extend their message to minorities, young people and gays, (holding their noses as this is being handed up).

Less negative ads from Super Pacs, (cause it didn't work )

Shorter primary season, (your last one wore out the candidates, and potential voters)

Fewer debates, (not as many chances of your candidate screwing up)

Earlier convention date, (let's start the good times, sooner)

Less influence from pollsters, (can you say Dick Morris?)

And to me the most offensive and misguided:

Learn to love the media,(more nose holding)

Encourage more celebrity endorsements, like "a" Beyounce, they actually said that.

As they are known to be, the Republicans are sorely out of touch, with both reality and the truth.
You can't manufacture a legitmate candidate out of lies, phoniness and the will to do and say anything to win.( Don't ever forget Willard "Mitt" Romney).

You're in desperation mode now, step back and reassess your many mistakes.
When you grasp at any straws, it shows to the American voters, we're not so easily fooled.
Use your millions to really try to empathize with the voters you so covet.

Dip your collective toes in the 21st century, and try to be honest, that's the best change of all.


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