Real Wives, Not Quite Wives & Starter Wives, Let's Show A Little Camaraderie

The Wives reality tv craze is booming, (pun definitely intended).
The "stars" of these shows, have so much in common, some lingering attachment to a current husband, former husband or "baby daddy".

More commonalities, these ladies are dressed to the nines in the latest designer clothes, and well shod with red soled, 5 inch teetering heels.

Not surprising these are also "the ladies who lunch" in some of the poshest well appointed restaurants, coffee houses and cupcake boutique shops,the latest meeting place.

How could you not have fun times with such lavish accoutrements, however fun is usually the last thing being shared with these ladies.
Instead they are wild-eyed screaming, cussing (different than cursing), hair pulling, table hopping shrews.

These Wives should instead of the weekly brawl, focus on how much they can help each other, get up and get over the more famous partner, who has definitely moved on.
They have the children to raise, don't let them see the Mamas fighting with each other. Is it really ratings that would make these, I think normally sane women want to scratch each others eyes out?

There is a new reality show that features Preachers Wives, guess what they fight too!

Ladies haven't we evolved? We are not enemies, let's join forces we can show camaraderie, not combat.

A personal aside,I have on occasion degnigrated some of these shows, but I'll now confess, I have watched the train wrecks called reality t.v.
A "guilty pleasure" is a cop-out, but the fancy parties and fabulous shoes and clothes, has captured my short attention span.

Whew, that feels good to get that out, I want to continue to watch these, I think interesting people in their own right, but the fighting has to be curtailed.

It should be noted, to the real Housewives, reality shows have been shown to be detrimental to the health of the marriage.

Just saying.


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  • Took forever but I figured out how to log on ... its amazing how society has changed

  • In reply to bill53402:

    Bill, glad you figured it out.
    Society and the world has certainly changed.
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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