Why Can't A Size 14 or Larger Girl Get The Guy ?

This week two actresses, Melissa McCarthy and Lena Dunham have been critized for simply being plus size.

The majority of women in America are size 14 and over.

Melissa McCarthy is a very talented star, she had a sucessful series a few years ago.

She is in another hit tv show now, getting accolades for her comedic acting.

A couple of years ago she was pivotol in the mega hit (made$$$) movie,"BRIDESMAID".

In her new movie, she has the leading female role, her acting has not been assailed.

Instead her size has come under fire, by a very harsh critic who has called her terribly derogatory names.

Simply because she is not a size 3.

The other star is a 2 time Golden Globe winner.

She is the writer, producer, director and star of the HBO hit series"GIRLS".

Her show has been compared to that other cable show, "Sex And the City".
Girls is about four single girls trying to manuever the complexities of being single in the big city, working in the city, and the ability to pay the rent every month.

The only thing these girls have in common with the ladies of SATC, is the city.

Ms. Dunham's love interest doesn't have a sheet on his bed, he is definitely not MR.BIG.

In the latest episode the star meets and promptly beds a very handsome, fit man.
He seems to fall hook, line and sinker for her charms.

Foul! cries the critics, no good-looking Doctor, did you get that? Doctor, would want to jump in the sack with a lady of Ms.Dunham's size and very average looks.

I did look at this hookup with increduality, because of the short time, however, big girls are not the only girls who jump in too soon.

The star also has a propensity to get naked a lot, Completely Naked.

I must admit this sight is cringe worthy, to me any completely nude person on tv would be, regardless of their size.

But the point is, this not size 3 young lady, has the kahones to show full frontal nudity to millions of people.

She also pledge at the next awards show she might wear flats, eeeeh flats!

This girl really has a healthy self esteem.

In real life both ladies got the guy.

And millions of plus size women do everyday.



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  • Rex Reed is a just a fool, Melissa McCarthy is one of my favorites and maybe I like her a bit more because of her size!

    Lena, on the other hand, neither she nor the show have grabbed me, with or without clothes on.

    Loved this piece.
    Signed a definitely larger than size 14 gal

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Kathy you said it, McCarthy is a great comedic actress, that's the only thing she should be judged on.

    Agreed, "Girls" is an acquired taste, I like it for it's controversy. The acting is outstanding, and there should be less nudity, it doesn't advance the storyline.
    Signed, join the crowd.

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