Grammy Stars Told Not To Expose "Puffy Bare Skin" ???!!

The CBS memo states, no visible puffy bare skin exposed.
Now I've been stomping around for a few decades, and I have never heard that term used before in any context.

I can hazard a guess as to what the network wants covered up, but the cheeky little euphemism is not the best choice of words.
How about "naughty bits" I've heard that one before, sounds British.
However, most folks don't consider those bits naughty.

Female breast and buttocks are forbidden as well.
Well my question to the network is, are men's chest area, and buttocks on the do not expose list also ?
No thongs allowed either, should we expect to see thongs on anyone at an awards ceremony?

But we know the Grammys are different.
They are the step-child of the award season.
There has been fights, and all kinds of unacceptable behavior at the ceremony, some even happening before the show starts.
Most occuring after all awards have been given out, and the long meandering thank you speeches have been drowned out.

Imagine such a memo given before another awards ceremony,would anyone need to tell Meryl Streep or James Earl Jones to cover their buttocks, and keep 'em covered?
I think not.

So we know some participants of the Grammys, will not read or heed the network's memo.
And we can expect to see the envelope pushed passed the limits.
I enjoy the the fashion wrap up shows afterwards, I'm guessing very little will still be wrapped.

I'm hopeful there will be no major exposures on Sunday's telecast, but Monday morning you will know every titillating detail.

Grammy stars, just keep it covered, hopefully the producers will have a boob wrangler on board to keep those errant body parts in check.

As for "puffy bare skin" just don't expose it, whatever it is.

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