Analogy Of Murder

Jodi Ann Arias, Michael Ward and Oscar Pistorius have the not so unique distinction of having murdered another human being using a hand gun.

Ms. Arias has been charged with murdering her on again, off again Mormon boyfriend.

She has been "over-charged" with 1st degree murder, which carries the death penalty.

This young, pretty defendant will never be sentenced to death.

It simply is never done for a myriad of reasons.

Although, she has finally confessed to the over-kill of the young man, Ms.Arias insist it was self defense.

So while on the stand she smirks, flirts and seems bored by the proceedings, she did predict "no jury will ever convict me".

She has a valid point, pretty young women are never given the death penality, even with over whelming evidence against them.

Can you say Casey Anthony?

Michael Ward has been charged with the the murder of a high school girl on a rainy afternoon.
Ward, a gang member was on 2 years probation for a gun conviction, when he fired his gun into a group of young girls and boys.

With new gun regulations being proposed almost daily,the most expeditious solution would be stricter penalities for those caught carrying an illegal gun.

Mandatory Minimum Jail Sentences would be a heck of a deterrent.

Here's an idea, legislators make the laws, and make sure they are enforced.

Oscar Pistorius, the South African athlete has been charged with murdering his girlfriend, who was locked in the bathroom in his home.

Pistorius has confessed to the murder, but claims he thought he was shooting an intruder.
His motto must be along the lines of shoot first, ask questions later.

Despite that defense, and other facts yet to be revealed, he was granted bail.
Among the conditions of his bail, he had to relinquish his passport, and he cannot live in his home.
Not much of a hardship, if he decides to murder another person,not having his passport won't hinder him.

The outcome of these cases have yet to be determined.

But one thing is certain, 3 human beings were murdered by someone with a gun.

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