You Might Be Caught With A Blunt Too,If Your Entire Life Was Tabloid Fodder

Let me start off by saying that drug use by a minor is never condoned. Not even by a" super star singing sensation". The quotation marks are definitely pun intended, however, just because I find the young singer marginally endowed with talent, he has legions of fans who will disagree.

But I can't help but wonder if  the meteoric rise and tabloid delving  for more, of these overnight wonders is perpetrated by the constant musings of the stars themselves.

Does every thought that runs through your head need to be dissected by your followers? Can anything in your mind remain there, yours and yours alone, sacred belonging only to you. Why does every little thought have to be shared?

Why do we care what you're doing every minute of every day? Clearly, some of us don't.

Is my disdain evident?

Could the stars add fuel to the already simmering flame?

It's not just mindless ramblings, when some convict in a New Mexico jail is  infatuated, and recruits some hapless thugs to kidnap and castrate the young singer.

Or the photographer, "he was not the paparazzi" as one in the group acknowledges, "he was just a kid". I don't care what you call him, he's still DEAD, run over while attempting to take a picture of the teenager's car!!!!!!!

Are we all mad?

Your "friends" are not always your Friend. They will sell your picture to the highest bidder, whether you are smoking a blunt or not.

What part of your life is being lived, and what parts are you missing, while you are over sharing every little tid bit with the world?

Yes, I'm pretty old school, what gave me away?

The very epitome of the word is to keep some things with you, they belong to you not to be shared or rummaged through for human consumption.

Watch what you say, and who hears it.

Maybe the blunt would still be a blunt, but your life would belong to you.

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