Attention NRA: Keep Sasha and Malia's Names Out Of Your Mouth

And all other bullies who think it's open season to pick on children.
These young girls have been targeted since the President was running for election the first time.

I have actually read articles critizing the clothes these young girls were wearing, and one actually made disparaging remarks about the older daughter's gait because she's tall and lanky.

Since the NRA wants to compare the treatment the First Daughters receive with other children, how would you react if adult men and women wrote terrible things about your children's attire and gangliness associated with their adolescence?

This President and his family have received more death threats levelled against them than any other President in history and it all started during the first campaign. Secret Service protection was provided early to this candidate; also a first.

The school that the President's two daughters attend is the same school that children of members of Congress, Ambassador's children and other Dignitaries'children attend, and that school has always been protected by guards.

This latest desperate attempt by the NRA is proof-positive that maybe, just maybe the American people are seeing this group with the hate-filled, vitriol spouting "guns guns for everyone" attitude as just plain wrong on every front.

The Leader Of The Free World and his Family deserve and require Secret Service protection as others have before him, and past Presidents'families still have their protection.

The video released by the NRA is both irresponsible and racist, no other President has ever been labelled "elitist".

Dislike this man and his policies, but leave the children out of it.

This President was elected twice by the American voters, not his family.

Note to the NRA, children have been harmed enough, so leave them all alone.

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