2013 Be Kinder Than The Last Weeks Of 2012

My first "no holds barred" rant, hoping I'm allowed at least one.

Please 2013 no more funerals for 6-7 year old children killed in their school, on a peaceful Friday morning.

To  the gun enthusiast, keep your high powered, semi automatic rifles, at your own risk, keep in mind those same rifles, can be used on you.

To Everyone who voted for the Republican ticket in November, unless you are a millionaire, not unemployed and never will be, will never have school tuition bills to pay,will never need Medicare or Social Security benefits, YOU HAVE VOTED AGAINST YOUR OWN BEST INTEREST. Vote for your life and your children's future.

Men and Women elected by the American people, to do the work of the people. DO YOUR JOBS! Any other employees in the real world with your dismal record of accomplishment would be gone. Stop playing chicken, with our lives. LOVE YOUR COUNTRY MORE THAN YOU HATE ANYONE.

All Mormon Senators, but one in particular vowed when a piece of legislation was on the Senate floor for a vote, to celebrate the victory with the toast of a soft drink.However, he was arrested for DRUNK DRIVING !

The height of the hypocrisy that we've become accustomed to, please try to do better in 2013.

There should be an engagement announcement, well before a baby announcement, especially if you're married to another man. But what would  you expect from the attention craver who would make a sex tape with a teenager ? Not much.

Rant almost over.

Other things that should be over in this new year: Every Kardashian, Honey Boo Boo and the entire family, All The "Housewives" of Everywhere.

You're Welcome.





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