This Is Not What The Forefathers Had In Mind

This is not what I wanted to talk about the week before the Holidays.

My regular scheduled blog will return a little later.

The state of Connecticut has one the most stringent gun laws of any state in the union, yet it happened there.

Solutions may have been banded about, yet no one has attempted to face the real truths that must be addressed.

The elected officials have got to get their collectives heads out of the clouds, and admit they have neglected their constituency in this matter.

The gun lobbyists are a powerful group,and I believe more than a handful of legislators are beholden to them. 

But if this event is the "turning point" that I've heard more than once this weekend, we have got to take a stand. Although, I would hope that the change in our gun laws, would come through the men and women we sent to Congress, I don't think this will happen without public outcry. 

The laws on drunken driving, and wearing seat belts, came into existence from the grassroots efforts of everday Americans who were sick and tired of the senseless deaths and injuries from people driving drunk, and those who did not wear their seat belts.

The Nation and the world await such an outcry over the deaths of all our children, be they in the inner city where the numbers are staggering, or the beautiful, idyll countryside, where the refrain is "how could this happen here"?

"It" can happen anywhere people can get their hands on guns, without the proper safeguards in place.

There is a Congresswoman, who has proposed a bill to limit the number of rounds in a clip, so the potential shooter will have to reload before the numbers shot and maimed are higher.

Do you really think that is the answer we seek?

At least it's a step, some are not doing anything.

The big fear was a certain Presidential candidate would take away your guns , that was never going to happen then.

It shouldn't happen now either, we all know the Second Amendment inside out.

But do you in your heart of hearts, believe the Framers thought anyone should have assault weapons, or semi-assault rifles  in their homes? 





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