It Ain't A Prank, It Ain't Funny, When Someone Dies

Forgive my grammar, it just conveys my true thoughts about the constant badgering some are exposed to for the sake of public humiliation: youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.

The not so recent barrage of young gay, not gay, perceived as gay, who took their lives because of the bullying tactics of those who thinks it's oh so hilarious, to make public your opinions about others lifestyles.

The number of "hits"  it garners reinforces it's worldwide appeal.

But what about it's validity and sensitivity, nah, facts, smacts does it get the desired effect?

 That's the question .

Is everyone laughing, and pointing their electronic finger at the target of the moment.

Believe me, I know my stance isn't popular, think before you post or prank call.

There are those who couldn't bear a moment without their devices, heaven forbid someone doesn't read about your tasty ham and cheese sandwich, you devoured with your bff at the mall cafe.

How can I go on without this important bit of information, was there lettuce and tomato involved?

A quote, "you wouldn't worry what people thought about you, if you knew how little they did".

Something like that, you get the idea.

The Aussie pranksters have lost their gigs.

The nurse has lost her life.

And the baby's not even born yet.

Part two of the legacy begins, the beautiul Princess Diana lost her life, now her first Grandchild has a tragic start.

If the paparazzi both here and across the pond, would just use a small amount of common sense, some of this silliness, would dissipate.

Let the young couple take a breath, remember how you felt after hearing you were about to be first time parents?

Everyone take a step back, and just think, behind every tweet, twit and twitter there is a person, who may not think you're funny. 



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  • instant gratification replaced manners eons ago

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    Hey Craig, you said it.

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