Grab That Binder Full Of Women

Who knew I would be trying to get the ear of the Republicans so soon after my last imploring.

The debt crisis looms over our heads, some United States Senators from both sides of the aisle have approved an amendment to accelerate the withdrawal of our troops from Afighanistan.

This is important stuff.

Yet the Conservatives has focused a laser beam on the possible appointment of Susan Rice for Secretary Of State.

This Government worker has simply done the job her superiors had assigned her to do. 

If her facts are proven to be inaccurate, this besieged Lady was just doing and reporting what had been told to her.

Who among us as employees have been given a task to perform, by some higher-up, and we knew in our heart of heart, that there was a far better way for this to be done.

But we did it, as told.

Who should feel the repurcussions when it fails, and proven to have been the wrong tactic ?

Ms. Rice, was simply working with the information she was given.

If the message is proven wrong, don't kill the messenger.

I beseech the Republicans to take care of the business you were sent to Washington to do.

Ther are two Committees in The House Of Representatives on the right, that needs a Chairperson.

Wouldn't  it be a gracious  sign of goodwill and bridge building, if two qualified Women were nominated to fill those empty seats?

Pick your battles, settle the fiscal cliff hanger, wait to hear all the intell on Benghazi.

Let's bring all our troops home from war zones, there should be no more lives lost.

The Afghans don't want you there, they are killing our soldiers.

Grab that binder full of Women, utilize all available hands and lets' get the Peoples' work done. 





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