Why I Love Judge Judy And Her "Judyisms"

judge-judy-4ea5fc47b3d27Well love may be too strong a word, but I like and admire Judge Judy.

I'll admit liking Judge Judy is an acquired taste, like oysters.

The Judge has been doing her thing for 16 years, and is the highest paid television personality.

When I first meet people (read) men, I'll ask after the usual getting to know you questions, not wanting to sound like an interview or survey, "do you like Judge Judy?"

Most, not all will answer with a resounding "NO"!

Well after hearing that I don't do an abrupt about face and walk away.

But it does give me an insight into how this person feels about a strong woman with an opinion.

This is may not be a scientifically accurate assessment, but I'm on alert.

I know the universal thinking is, Judge Judy is unfair to men.

Simply not true, I've seen the Judge come down equally hard on the women before her.

To the single Mother who has, "loaned" ie, given, money, cars, cell phones  ect.,to the worthless lay about who now refuses to pay her back.

The Judyism goes something like "is this the cretin ( my word) you've hung your hopes and dreams on, taking food and clothing from your children?"

Then there is the Mother who allows her children to see her being abused, physically and or mentally by a man .

"You signed on for this treatment, Judge Judy says "your children did not, and has no voice."

My favorite Jurist calls this unequivocally child abuse, and I agree.

One of my favorite is the unmarried couple who decides to split and comes before the Judge for an adjudication and division of their property.

The Judge will usually respond with this classic Judyism, "I did not complete 17 years of post graduate work to divide your pots and pans, after you're finished playing house".

That one always gets a laugh from me and the gallery.

I see the Judge as empowering to women, the lessons are, be strong, take care of yourself and your children.

That's the most important job you will ever have.

My take away, love and respect yourself , your children deserve no less.

And one day you too may be the highest paid, in more ways than one.


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  • There's a big difference between being a strong woman and a mean, nasty woman

  • In reply to bc393:

    Wow, thanks for the comment. Just wondering who is the mean, nasty one ?
    Me or the Judge? Oh never mind, just keep reading and commenting.

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