The Election Is Over, Now The Work Begins

For my first offically authorized post, I didn't want to talk about the election, so much has been said and written.

But I feel compelled to say a little something to the Republican Party.

As I called them 4 years ago, Repugs, I now have a different take on the Grand Old Party formally, Gigantic Odd Poop.

They were the party of my parents, growing up in the south, everyone "Liked Ike",and when Richard Nixon came to campaign, the city closed down.

My sister's class took a picture with the prospective President. The entire south, black and white were Republican.

Was there any alternative? I actually thought so.
This tall handsome Junior Senator from Massachusett with the glamourous sharply dressed wife.You had to own a pillbox hat.

Although I was too young to vote in that election, I was very energized to help get the cute young couple in the White House.

As much as I tried I could not convince my folks to vote Democratic. It was not the thing to do.

They didn't know anything about this rich man, and after all Nixon had been Ike's choice for V.P.

When I tell my young nieces, nephews and friends that the G.O.P. was "our" party,we were them, and they were us.Yes, we were that close.
They find that hard to believe, if I hadn't lived it, I probably wouldn't have believed it either.

I would like the old party back, inclusive and not so strident.
I may never vote Republican, but I would like to think we have viable options. As a fellow Progressive said, hold the Dems feet to the fire. Let them fight for our votes, not just assume that we're a lock.

So Repugs, sorry don't mean too much disrespect, I've just gotten so accustomed to that name. Now listen up, get rid of The Tea Party loons, move a little closer to the center, and dip your toe into the 21st century.

Get to work, you know you're looking at 2014 and 2016.

Both parties, don't take anything for granted. We're all in play.

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