Ten Percent Fewer Murders This Year !

The Chicago Police Superintendent announced yesterday that murders in the city are 10% lower this year, than last year. 

This weekend murder toll was 3, they are calculating these homicides for Saturday and Sunday.  However, this was a  holiday weekend, with 4 days!

The unlucky blokes that happened to get killed on Thursday and Friday, are not amomg the statistics touted by the city's top cop.

The Superintendent further promises he will check with other large cities, and he's sure Chicago will have a lower death toll than these other cities, during the same time period.

I wonder how that can be when a couple of months ago, in the midst of the election season, the large numbers of murders in a single weekend  in Chicago, was the lead story for the national news on CBS. 

Less murders than last year Mr. Superintendent, ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?

Lo, and behold only 3 murders for 2 days. What about the murder at a funeral on Monday?

Where are the weekday murders counted?

After the election a newsman actually wrote,  "because of  the unpopularity of the newly re-elected  President's policies, there will be fewer tourist coming to the City Of Big Shoulders".

I dare say he dropped that gem the week a visitor was stabbed in the head in the Magnificent Gold Coast. ( status, recovering).

No area of the city is immune.

I'm not trying to be contentious, we who live here, and love our big bumbling, sometimes clumsy city, need to tell it like it is.

Denial is not just a river.

Mr. Superintendent, please stop trying to downplay the gravity of the situation.

Acknowledge the daily and weekly killings in the city.

The first step is to accept the fact that there are problems, then and only then can we begin to work toward rational solutions.




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  • I'm not sure where you got your numbers, but the reports are that the murders this year exceeded all of last year by Nov. 1, and the killing hasn't stopped (e.g. here).

    Also, the correct grammatical term is "fewer," except that the correct term is "more."

    In any event, you ought to cite your source, with a link.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, I agree with you those numbers are whack, I was quoting the head cop from his news conference yesterday.
    Ironically, they were at the ceremony retiring the badge of a cop killed,moonlighting at his other job.
    Thanks for your grammar correction, I do appreciate it.
    Please continue to read and comment.

  • In reply to Ninnafaye:

    The only thing I can find verifiable is this Tribune story that McCarthy said that the murder rate in the third quarter came down from the 66% increase in the rate in the first quarter. It might be down October 2012 compared to October 2011, but certainly not YTD 2012 compared to YTD 2011.

  • In reply to jack:

    Hi Jack, the Superintendent was on the CBS local news at 5 p.m.on Monday.
    Also, I've witnessed the Mayor downplay the crime figures, as well.
    I'm simply imploring our officials to accept and acknowledge the real numbers of murders in the city.

  • Hi Nina,

    The City of the Chicago has the resources to stop crime, but since the crime has not reached to more affluent neighborhoods... the city has not put gang war at the forefront.

  • In reply to Urbanity Beauty:

    First and foremost thank you for your comment.

    I would hope that if the city has the resources to at least abate the crime numbers, they would use them.

    How can it benefit the law enforcers to see these number rise EVERY weekend, and the subsequent "No arrest has been made".

    They are the ones who look inept, and not good at their jobs, and plain flat-footed, in solving crimes and apprehending the perpetrators.

    We don't want crime in any neighborhoods.
    What can be done?

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