Let Them ( truly) Rest In Peace

We all remember the shock and overwhelming sense of loss when we heard the news, A Super Star Is Gone.
Whether we were fans or not, it's true every man's (or woman's) death diminishes us.

Especially so, when it's the famous talents we had known since their teen years and before.

The devastation is made much worse, when those who should be the standard bearers of their loved ones place in our hearts, are behaving like anything but.

There are the headlines, lawsuits, accusations, and lot's of recrimination.

Almost invariably involving money.
The presence of a will is the guide that should be adherd to. It's their wishes, no one wants their loved ones fighting over the spoils when they're gone.

Yet we see the attention grabbing family members, engaging in the most outrageous displays.

Jermaine, no one cares about your proposed name change.
If your brother was still here, would you have considered such lunacy? I think not.

Although Whitney signed on for a reality show in 2005, I'm almost certain she would not want her own very vulnerable, still grieving daughter to make the decision to be part of an exploitive reality tv show.

Reflect and remember your  loved ones, but better in privacy, and with the ones who loved and cared about them too.

Not us the fans, keep us separate.

Katherine, Cissy the most endearing legacy you owe your son and daughter is to protect their children.

Uncle Gary, as the man of the family, kick the camera crew out.
Help Bobbi Kristina cope with her loss, without the crutches of cameras and manipulative hangers-on.

We as fans loved them, but they loved you, their family.
Give them peace, they've earned it.

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