It's Getting Hot In Here

The days are going so fast, no more debates, well that could be a good thing.
Just frantic campaigning, baby kissing, voices strained. I think it's come up too fast. Desperation is prevalent, when Halloween trick or treaters are threatened with "no candy for you if dressed as Barack Obama".The vitriol is beyond scary when the little tricksters are involved.
The degree of nasty campaigning has reached an all time low.
The stakes however are high, they have always been when the welfare of this country, and it's people are on the line.
Why am I so afraid ? The thought of a Romney presidency leaves me quacking.His lack of compassion for women and the elderly, and heathcare for ALL has a lot to do with my wishing we had a little more time for his wishy-washy, flip-flopping ways to become apparent to the undeciders among us.
Now I know how the other side felt 4 years ago, a lingering foreboding.
Nah, just kidding the American people will do the right thing on Tuesday, too much at stake.
Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Note to JG, thanks for your patience.

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