Giving In Geneseo

It was not the trial of the century, but I was riveted when InSession the real trials cable show, featured this small town and it's inhabitants.

This town of about six thousand residents, located in the Quad cities looked straight out of Central Casting. On either side of the main street, it was probably named Main Street too, the American flag, proudly flying outside of every business. 

I"ll bet these flags were waving before 9-11, when the rest of the country felt the the urge to adorn Old Glory on every edifice and moving vehicle.

In Genesco, the flags are still there.

There was the donut and coffee shop, family owned, where the morning hub began.

No fancy, smancy from  the northwest, big coffee establishment for these down to earth midwesterners.

Just like the famous bar "where everbody knows your name", everybody knows your name in Geneseo.

There was intermingling, intermarrying, every citizen had some kind of connection with each other.

That's why this small community felt so betrayed, when one of it's own, duped them, no one likes to be made to look gullible.

The young mother with two beautiful very young daughters, fathered by two different pillars of  the community, told just a couple of people she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

That's all it took, the news spread through the town like wild fire.

The denizens stepped up to help this family, literally one of it's own.

Fundraisers were quickly planned, and executed, a bank account was  opened.

There were bingo nights, and a pig roast, I'm not making this stuff up .

Philanthropic organizations got involved, they had the funds, and nothing was going to get it their way to help in this time of need.

Nothing like pesky little  rules and vetting to make sure every dime was going where it should.

When the "ill" mom was seen at a concert in fancy new clothes, and flashing dollar bills like it was going out of style, the townfolk took notice.

Bank accounts were then closed, and charges were filed, because there was no brain tumor!

This cautionary tale at this most giving time of the season, it even has giving in it's name, is just a reminder to watch carefully, where and to whom you give.

We know the people of storm Sandy, still need help, PLEASE GIVE.

Give like you've never given before, the actions of the few won't deter us.







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