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Ten Percent Fewer Murders This Year !

The Chicago Police Superintendent announced yesterday that murders in the city are 10% lower this year, than last year.  This weekend murder toll was 3, they are calculating these homicides for Saturday and Sunday.  However, this was a  holiday weekend, with 4 days! The unlucky blokes that happened to get killed on Thursday and Friday, are not amomg the statistics touted... Read more »

A Little of This, A Little Bit of That, And More "Judyisms"

Sandy, the storm that brought the great city of New York to it’s knees, is still wrecking havoc.  There are still some boroughs and outlying New Jersey areas still under water, and the homes left abandoned, have been pillaged and made even less inhabitable by looters. It’s the what can go wrong next syndrome, that these... Read more »

Giving In Geneseo

It was not the trial of the century, but I was riveted when InSession the real trials cable show, featured this small town and it’s inhabitants. This town of about six thousand residents, located in the Quad cities looked straight out of Central Casting. On either side of the main street, it was probably named... Read more »

Why I Love Judge Judy And Her "Judyisms"

Well love may be too strong a word, but I like and admire Judge Judy. I’ll admit liking Judge Judy is an acquired taste, like oysters. The Judge has been doing her thing for 16 years, and is the highest paid television personality. When I first meet people (read) men, I’ll ask after the usual getting... Read more »

Let Them ( truly) Rest In Peace

We all remember the shock and overwhelming sense of loss when we heard the news, A Super Star Is Gone. Whether we were fans or not, it’s true every man’s (or woman’s) death diminishes us. Especially so, when it’s the famous talents we had known since their teen years and before. The devastation is made... Read more »

The Election Is Over, Now The Work Begins

For my first offically authorized post, I didn’t want to talk about the election, so much has been said and written. But I feel compelled to say a little something to the Republican Party. As I called them 4 years ago, Repugs, I now have a different take on the Grand Old Party formally, Gigantic... Read more »

It's Getting Hot In Here

The days are going so fast, no more debates, well that could be a good thing. Just frantic campaigning, baby kissing, voices strained. I think it’s come up too fast. Desperation is prevalent, when Halloween trick or treaters are threatened with “no candy for you if dressed as Barack Obama”.The vitriol is beyond scary when... Read more »