The Language Of Lunacy, A Real Dump

Did you ever hear “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Yeah, we all grew up hearing it, but guess what it’s not true, words can hurt, when hurled by the person who knows your vulnerable spots. And I say we all have them. I had never heard such... Read more »

Heroes Wanted: Job Description Love Your Country

Updated 07-28-17 It should not have to be that hard to do the right thing Senator McCain, it should be so easy,  to be a real hero for your country. A post on Facebook,the place I get all my deep and penetrating observations, did not ask a question, but instead made a statement. Simply, “I’m... Read more »

My Friend voted for the other side : an update

It was just a few weeks after the most historical Presidential election in many lifetimes, that I spoke with one of my best  friends about what happened. It was during that casual of conversations like so many we have had down through the years, that he told me he had indeed voted for the opposite... Read more »

I was a customer service supervisor, or was I?

A different take on a game recently played on Facebook was ask your friends out of a list of 10 jobs, which one did you Not have. After my rather long and diverse employment history this version of The List Of 10 Game, was most compelling to me, although I never officially played it online,... Read more »

Public Service Announcement, keep your phone charged

This is the second time in so many months I’ve read something that left me aghast. Yes me, Ms.Have Seen And Heard It All. The article published under PERSPECTIVE in the Sunday edition of the local newspaper was titled “A stranger at the door”. The writer told of an incident that occurred in her well-appointed,... Read more »

My Friend voted for the other side, now what?

“No, I never lost any friends during the election, we were all on the same page.” That was a portion of my response to an online question posted after the election, “Did You Lose Friends Because of This Election?” There were lot’s of such soul searching, “what just happened” moments all over social media after... Read more »

Alternative facts are just down right lies

I remember the side eye meme inducing snickers that followed when a certain actress announced her separation from her husband. Conscious Uncoupling, was the term she used, so clear, so concise so full of goobly gonk yet very reminiscent of that lifestyle guru. Make it fancy, make it smart, but as another cultural icon has... Read more »

The Reporters and the spider

I always wondered how Little Miss Muffet could ever be considered a nursery rhyme? Because for me spiders are among the creepy crawlies I’m most frightened of. I can’t believe I’m alone. Little Miss Muffet By Mother Goose Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuffet, Eating her curds and whey; Along came a spider, Who... Read more »

I can talk to my Doctor about shoes

I read something the other day I’d never known before. After the many decades of being on this earth very little surprised or shocked me, I always thought I’d heard it all. I was knocked for the proverbial loop after reading about a doctor who fired his patient, not sure if fired is the right... Read more »

Fears for our White House, 8 years ago and Now

Finally, this portion of our long national nightmare is over, barring any apocalyptic changes in our electoral college, we have a 45th President. For some these election results were the least expected or imagined. I’m sure the fear and yes even loathing are the same felt 8 years ago when the most unlikeliest, yet awe-inspiring... Read more »