Planned Parenthood How Could You Fall For The Oke Doke?

One of most flagrant undercover sting take downs I’ve seen in a while happened with the elite Doctors of Planned Parenthood. Not since the former Governor of Illinois was over heard while being secretly recorded boasting,”I’ve got this thing, and it’s &#%@* golden”, unabashedly bragging about the Senate seat left vacant by then Senator Barack... Read more »

Serena Williams Is Being Person Shamed To The Nth Degree And Beyond

Serena Williams won her 21st Grand Slam on Saturday, the exuberant winner’s picture came through the news feed with her trophy raised triumphantly over her head. All the accolades accompanying the story were awe inspiring and praise worthy to me not known to follow tennis, knowing a few players by name, the Williams sisters among... Read more »

Guns And The Flag

With the recent mass murders in Charleston, South Carolina renewed debate over the Battle flag of the Confederate has resurfaced. It flies over the state capitol building for all to see and “reminisce.” To some it represents their history and pride. To others could it also show defeat, and hate? If history and my memory... Read more »

Apologist For The Duggars and Hastert, What About The Children?

Since allegations of abuse by the eldest son in the ultra conservative,devoutly religious Duggar family against his sisters and others, has surfaced he has had some influential support. Presidential candidates and other religious leaders has come to this man’s defense. We are asked to forgive the acts of the 14 year old, I’m waiting for... Read more »

Vying For The White House: One Candidate Vs. Many Candidates

Since this was first published in April, one other Democratic candidate has joined the race for President. Plus the many Republicans that has jumped inĀ  every other day since then. The idea of one lone candidate for President of these United States versus a contingent of many with more joining in every week seems a... Read more »

Boomer's Views : Therapeutic Cleansing

These are this Boomer’s opinions most having been bottled up for much too long. Feeling I’m in a small minority on most of these ideas, please allow me this free therapy session. After telling others how cathartic it is to let it all out, here goes. SUICIDE: The most cowardly act any parent can commit.... Read more »

The Mercedes - Benz Had A Broken Tail-Light

The laser beam focus into the murder of unarmed Walter Scott by police officer Michael Slager has been the video that was turned over to the Scott family’s attorney. While we suspect this incident would not have taken the turn it did had it not been for the witness who decided to hit record on... Read more »

Adults Say The Darndest Things

Everyday we hear people make the most outrageously out of pocket statements, followed by the even lamest of excuses, apologies and explanations for their remarks. Believe me darndest is not the first word to come to mind when describing these quotes. Match the apology, rant, excuse and plain old stupidity with it’s owner. 1.”I’m not... Read more »

Parents Fill Your Child's Self Esteem Bucket.......

The words of the Mother who knew her 14 year old daughter was going to a park to fight her tormentors were gut wrenching. “I knew my Baby would not come home”. How could the Mother allow her child to go, knowing that a group of girls who had been threatening her child since 6th... Read more »

This President and The Lunatic Fringe

This man can not be President again. Hello dear conservatives, this is my second plea to you in this year alone. You haven’t been a good student, and you don’t play well with others. And by others, I mean anyone you consider “other”. That’s just one of the things this President Of The United States... Read more »