Dear Media, Stop Giving Jesse Jackson Sr. Credit for the Black Friday Protests

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 3.28.36 PMDear Media,

Stop giving Jesse Jackson Sr. credit for shit he doesn’t do. Jesse Jackson, Sr. is not our political lord and savior so please stop it with these fake ass articles and the narrative that he is the champion of black people. Most of our natural black asses don’t even like him. I can’t speak for my parents or grandparents generation (as far as his contributions go), but I can talk about now and how my generation is fed up with his shit.

1.    It was reported by Rolling Out Magazine that Jesse Jackson led the protests in Chicago over the killing of LaQuan McDonald.

This is FALSE. He saw an opportunity and attached himself to it. The Protests had already been planned and set into motion. We don’t need or want Jesse Jackson, Sr. and his political pimptastic ass popping up as we push for social and political change. We know about how he ONLY attends gatherings when the media is present so he can be seen nationally (in a pathetic effort to stay relevant). We do not trust his intentions or motives and wish he would fall the fuck back. In fact, we actually wish he would stop being a fucking vampire to his own people.

2.    The young people of our community (various orgs) came together and made this happen.

It is one thing to be a part of something, it is an entirely different thing to claim credit for it. While The PUSH Coalition was present and did petition other churches and organizations to participate in the protests, they did not set it up. They were ONE of MANY groups and organizations that came together for the greater good. Mind you, these successful protests were organized by the young people of this city, not some old political TURKEY BUZZARD hovering above the name LaQuan McDonald looking for the next opportunity to eat. I will be damned if the narrative being pushed to the masses has Jesse Jackass as the head of it. Stop it already.

Now there have even been those who have attacked some of us young people for calling him out on his shit. Saying that we are being disrespectful and divisive. First of all, I cannot respect anyone who tries to capitalize off of my people’s pain and frustration. Secondly, we are not the generation of blind loyalty. We recognize that enemies and allies come in all forms (even our own). It is time to hold these self-proclaimed black ‘leaders’ accountable. If their actions do not line up with their words they will be deemed enemies as well and dealt with accordingly.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 3.28.18 PM He’s probably reading this right now wondering ‘who the hell is this bitch’… well, I am representative of the countless brothers and sisters who wish you would just SIT THE FUCK DOWN. You weren’t needed, requested, or wanted in Ferguson and the overall sentiment in your hometown is the same. If you want to contribute, do it behind the scenes. Advise and teach young brothers and sisters on certain policies and ways to be more effective, but please get your ass from in front of the camera. You can’t be a political media whore your whole life.

And to the media, stop spinning this shit like every move he makes is supported by all black people. It is not. I also need someone to PLEASE tell Jesse Jackson to move aside and let us take our rightful places in the next wave of this HUMAN (not civil) rights movement, because it is the blatant disregard of our humanity that matters, not his livelihood.

Black Lives Matter…


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