Chiraq: Spike Lee’s weak attempt at Greek Mythology

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.23.42 PMI just saw the trailer for Spike Lee’s ‘Chiraq’ and I couldn’t be more disappointed. Instead of highlighting the major issue of gang violence and a proposed resolution  it comes off as some pimptastic ode to the “Power of Pussy”.  I, like many, was under the impression that this might be more of a documentary or at least have a different story line. For those of you who weren’t forced to learn Greek Literature in high school, Lysistrata was an ancient Greek comedy written by Aristphanes. The protagonist, Lysistrata, persuaded all the women of Greece to withhold sex from the men until peace was restored, ending the Peloponnesian War. I am SO NOT HERE for the Blaxploitation version of Lysistrata.

I'm all for artistic licensing but it wouldn't sting so bad if real lives weren't being lost. We have serious problems in our city and some fantastical movie about all the women banding together and locking down their “goodies” is not a realistic solution. I'm trying my best to see if MAYBE Spike is trying to show this shit in such a ridiculous light that it forces the people out here killing to see how senselessly they are behaving. However, I am hoping it doesn't get lost in translation. I want to be wrong, but a part of me feels like the movie will be a mockery of what we are really dealing with. I guess we will have to wait until Dec 4th to really find out if there is method to what appears to be madness.

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