Why You Should Read Books That Aren't on the New York Times Best Sellers List

Why You Should Read Books That Aren't on the New York Times Best Sellers List

Every year during every season there are these lists. You know the ones I'm talking about.  10 Popular Books to Read This Summer! Or 25 Books Everyone is Reading! This includes the list that a lot of readers check - the New York Times Best Sellers list. These lists are great to tell you what everyone is ALREADY reading. But, what about what no one is reading yet?

Yes, there are books out there that no one is reading yet that are actually great books. Some not-yet-famous author is writing a New York Times best seller right now.  Or some indie author is struggling right now to get a book read and voice heard.  I'm a big supporter of all authors on this blog. This is a part of what I mean when I say I read everything. I have featured well known authors and not so well known authors. I think it's important to realize that a good read isn't just what is hot at the time, but something that will entertain and inspire you. There are great reasons why you should read other books besides the most popular ones:

1. You Will Have Read That IT Book Before Everyone Else

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me.  Hunger Games trilogy? I read the first book when it first came out and absolutely no one I knew had heard of it, much less was reading it. Only hardcore young adult, dystopian book fans were reading it. I told everyone I knew to read it and by the time the Hunger Games fever hit and everyone was reading it; it was years later and we were way ahead of the curve. It's okay. You can admit that it feels great when that happens.

2. You Can Spot Trends Before They Start

This is a great bonus of discovering unknown or lesser known authors. What's the next trend coming? Well by diving into newly published, lesser known books, you'll be able to figure it out. See a lot of young adult novels? Spot a lot of erotica (thanks Fifty Shades of Grey)? A good bet is that is the direction the pendulum is swinging next.

3. You Get Exposure to Up-and-Coming Talent

Do you generally stick to the same authors? Impatiently waiting for your favorite author to drop another great novel? This would be a great opportunity to dive into some new blood. Like any other industry fresh faces can invigorate and change the game. Take a chance on an unknown author or a less popular book and you might just discover your new obsession.

4. You May Discover Your Love for Other Genres

If you are the same person who sticks to the same author, you are probably the same person who never steps outside your favorite genre. What if you came across a gem of a book in a genre you never knew you would like? That can happen!  Maybe you don't like the way popular writers write in that genre, but what if you discovered a new author who writes in this just fantastic, touches you on a personal level way?! Yes that can happen too.

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