5 Adult Coloring Books to Help You Relieve Stress

5 Adult Coloring Books to Help You Relieve Stress

Sometimes there are trends in the literary world that surprise you. The trend of adult coloring books, which has probably been going on far too long to be just a trend, falls into that category. Adults coloring? But isn't that for children? Not anymore! A recent article on Quartz gave some insight into this phenomenon:

In a very short time, coloring has proven surprisingly addictive for America’s stressed, anxious, and overworked. Therapeutic without being therapy, meditative without being meditation, creative without being creation, artsy without being art, the supposedly soothing activity has also become a big business—in 2015 alone, US sales of coloring books shot up from 1 to 12 million units.

So it's finally cool for you to be like a kid again! No one will call you childish for whipping out your coloring book on your commute home and relieving some tension. No one can call you immature if they come over and see your vast collection of coloring books. If they do, they just aren't cool or know what's hot right now.

I know at least 3 people who have jumped on this and use adult coloring books regularly. I actually think this is a good idea for adults. Why not? Better adults partake and obsess over an innocuous activity like coloring rather than more serious, "adultlike" behavior like drinking, etc. If there is something you are addicted to and it helps you calm down, what better than something that makes you stick between the lines and adds color to your life? It sounds good to me. You get to be creative and it saves you money on any therapy bills!

So do you need to relieve some stress? That 9 to 5 got you anxious and down? Here are 5 adult coloring books that can help you relieve stress, release tension, mentally and emotionally decompress and breathe a little easier again.

adult31. Adult Coloring Book Designs: Stress Relief Coloring Book: Garden Designs, Mandalas, Animals, and Paisley Patterns by Adult Coloring Book Designs/Twiggler

A bestseller on Amazon this is in the upper echelon of adult coloring books. It is filled with 48 unique designs that range from simple to intricate. These include garden designs, animals, and paisley patterns. The best part is that it includes something for every skill level. So if your coloring is a little rusty (I'm sure it's been quite some time since most of us picked up a crayon or colored pencil for ourselves), this is the perfect book for you.

Adult42. Adult Coloring Book: Butterflies and Flowers : Stress Relieving Patterns (Volume 7) by Cherina Kohey

Are you into gardening and butterflies? Think they're pretty and great to look at? This book will take you deep into that world. Butterflies and flowers are so colorful just think of all the possibilities! Plus both definitely have a calming effect. This coloring book contains 30 designs of different dimension of butterflies and flowers (the cover is included!) Colored pencils works best rather than crayons for this book. Again, they range in level from rookie colorist to expert. Get ready to relax, relate, release and become one with nature.

secretgarden3. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book Paperback by Johanna Basford

The head honcho of coloring books and some say mother to them all. This is an interactive coloring book which features beautiful illustrations. The treasure hunt part is the most creative part (besides what you'll end up coloring of course). On each page there are tiny garden creatures hidden on the pages (key and index included in the back). As it is a paperback even the book's cover and jacket are colorable. A definite must-buy for any adult coloring book enthusiast.

StressRelievingBooks4. Adult Coloring Book : Stress Relieving Patterns by Blue Star Coloring

It's all in the title. According to the reviews, this book does exactly what it claims to do. It features over 45 detailed patterns and designs ranging in complexity from beginner to expert-level. Different patterns for different moods!  Want something more intricate and delicate? There are 15 doily patterns that can fit that mood. The patterns are a little small on some pages so if your vision is going this may not be the one for you. Or if you prefer big, bold patterns definitely not the book for you. Again, with small patterns it is definitely a job for colored pencils rather than crayons. Get ready to color your stress away!

SittheFDown5. Sit the F*ck Down and Color: Adult Swear Word Coloring Book for Stress Relief by Swear Word Coloring Book Group

The description says "this book will expand your vocabulary in all the wrong ways!" Don't want to color butterflies, flowers, gardens or patterns? If you want to laugh while you relieve stress then this is the way to go. Over 30 side-splitting words are illustrated in this hilarious book. They are all 100% original and hand drawn illustrations of some of the most outrageous words.  The perfect gift for the potty mouth with a sense of humor you know and love who is stressed out (this could be yourself so have no shame in buying for you). Obviously not intended for children. Prepare to, in the words of the author, "chucklefart"!

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