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My Lunch with Mike Epps - Part Two - Richard Pryor

Recently I was invited to sit down to lunch with Mike Epps while he was here in Chicago promoting his new show Uncle Buck which airs on ABC (Read Part One of My Lunch With Mick Epps).  We spoke on many things and one topic was his starring in the Richard Pryor movie. Has there... Read more »

My Lunch With Mike Epps

 Recently Mike Epps was in Chicago promoting his new sitcom Uncle Buck beginning June 14th on ABC. I was invited to have lunch with him and of course talk about the show.  I had met Mike before but never really had a chance sit and relax and get to know the real man.  He is... Read more »

SPARKLE Shines With a Soft Glow

In 1976, when I sat in the theaters and saw the film Sparkle for the first time, I saw it at least 15 times at the theaters, I thought it was one of the best movies I ever saw and that there wasn’t any man cuter than Phillip Michael Thomas. I cried harder each time... Read more »