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Since the beginning of American history women of color have been strong leaders. Many enslaved Africans would not have made it to freedom if a Black woman had not led them.  White women would not have had the right to vote if Black women did not march with them. Today America would not have a... Read more »

Thyrl Latting, The Man Who Bridged the History of the Black Cowboy and the Youth of the Chicago Area.

In my last column “The Mystique of the Black Cowboy” I mentioned the story of Cathay Williams. I said that she disguised herself as a man and joined the Union army in the Civil War.  In reality, she did disguise herself as a man but it was the Buffalo Soldiers she joined, not the Union... Read more »

A MOST BEAUTIFUL THING A Book and Documentary of the First All Black High School Rowing Team

About a month and a half ago the producer of my radio show BONNIE’S EYE on 95.1 FM Chicago, Drewsean Williams called me excited about a documentary he had heard about called A Most Beautiful Thing: The True Story of America’s First All-Black High School Rowing Team.  He wanted me to interview the author of... Read more »


This COVID-19 pandemic has truly opened my eyes to many things.  We have all given kudos to the amazing people who are on the front lines in dealing with this virus.  I have applauded the nurses, doctors, and hospital staff; the firemen, police officers, and EMT’s; and the grocery store staff, transportation workers, and so... Read more »


As you walk along Randolph street just west of State Street you will pass the Cambria Hotel.  The very distinguished boutique hotel where some of the actors in town doing shows stay as well as being a wonderful hotel.   You may never guess the wild and amazing things that are happening on the top floor... Read more »


The long-awaited musical SUMMER the Donna Summer Musical has arrived in Chicago at the James M. Nederlander Theatre. I was present in the dance clubs sweating heavily to the sounds of Donna Summer.  I remember when I first heard ‘Love to Love You Baby’ at a club.  Things heated up quickly on the dance floor. ... Read more »

CATS the Film: A Ball of String and a Big Fur Ball

CATS the musical is one of my favorite theatrical productions.  I have seen some excellent productions and recently some not so great productions.  I was off the roof excited that CATS was going to be taken to the screen and the cast that was chosen was amazing. For those of you who may not know... Read more »


I remember when I was Star Wars for the first time in 1977. I couldn’t imagine all the things I was seeing, and the score and soundtrack was amazing. I still listen to it and get shivers in my belly it is so good. Forty-two year and nine films later and the opening score still... Read more »

Derrick Davis Brings Intensity and Diversity to Phantom of the Opera

When I got the call that Derrick Davis was returning to Chicago as the star of Phantom of the Opera and I couldn’t wait to have a conversation with him.  When he was here earlier, I was so impressed with his performance and couldn’t help but wonder what it was like play the iconic figure. ... Read more »

Myracle Holloway Definitely Has a VOICE!

I am a true fan of the TV show the VOICE.  I was too excited when I got the call to have a conversation with Myracle Holloway who is a contestant on the show. Myracle how did you get a name spelled like that? Well, that’s the way that it’s spelled, but the name Myracle... Read more »