ALADDIN - The Genie is out of the Lamp and Chicago is Enchanted

Disney Theatrical Productions Aladdin has come to the Great Chicago Way! Broadway in Chicago rolled out the purple carpet for opening night of the North American tour of Aladdin. The two hour and thirty minute show was full of excitement, singing, dancing and color, Color, COLOR that  not only lit the stage but the emotions... Read more »

A Trial and Error Conversation with Sherri Shepherd

Recently I sat down with Chicago’s hometown girl Sherri Shepherd who was in town to promote her new television show Trial and Error on NBC.  We had a great time laughing and sharing thoughts. Sherri, I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down to view the pilot of Trial and Error but I laughed... Read more »


You may think that if you have seen Beauty and the Beast once, you have no need to see it again…not true.  I saw the 1991 film with my nieces who were very young in age and thought I couldn’t enjoy it more until I took them to see the stage play when it came... Read more »
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I had heard so much about the production Hedwig and the Angry Inch but didn’t have a clue what it was about.  I am so glad I walked in the Oriental Theatre, where it is playing through March 18th, blind to the plot.  I thought it was going to be something cartoonish like Dr. Seuss... Read more »

THE SHACK is a Mansion in Thought and Emotion

Many years ago a friend recommended a book by William Paul Young called The Shack to me and said it would change my life.  I read it once and immediately read it again.  I’m not sure that it changed my life but it did open my mind to many things.  I wondered how the film... Read more »

Jordan Peele’s "GET OUT" is Horror Film on Human Entitlement

Horror films that give me pause are not the ones with monsters, or girls that crawl out of wells. I am unsettled by films that seem farfetched but are close enough to being normal that it actually could become a reality. The first scene of GET OUT, which I am not going to disclose to... Read more »

The Illusionist – Live From Broadway is more than an Illusion

Last evening I was in the audience of The Illusionist – Live From Broadway production that is showing at the Oriental Theatre.   I didn’t see the show when it came to Chicago a few years ago so I really didn’t know what to expect.  I had a really good time laughing, eyes wide in wonder, and... Read more »

THE BODYGUARD is a True Tribute to Whitney Houston

Most of us are very familiar with Whitney Houston’s breakout movie The Bodyguard which also starred Kevin Costner.  The songs were phenomenal and rose to number one on the charts. The film has been adapted for stage by Alexander Dinelaris and is now playing at Broadway in Chicago’s Oriental Theatre. Superstar Rachel Marron (Deborah Cox)... Read more »


In the seventies, anything by James Baldwin was a must read among black students. We held major discussions based around his books Another Country, The Fire Next Time, and Go Tell it on the Mountain, just to name a few.  We all thought we knew all there was to know about Baldwin and his thoughts... Read more »

A Conversation with Stephen McKinley Henderson and Jovan Adepo of FENCES

Recently Stephen McKinley Henderson who plays the role of Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) best friend Jim Bono and Jovan Adepo who plays Troy’s youngest son were in Chicago on promo tour for FENCES, which is a fabulous and moving film that everyone must see.  We sat down for coffee and a conversation. I’ve seen Fences... Read more »