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HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 is not what I expected. Hotel owner Dracula’s (voice of Adam Sandler) vampire daughter and human son in law are now parents to son named Dennis.  It looks as if Dennis is going to be human and not a Vampire which doesn’t make his VampPa (get it vampire and grandpa) happy.  He... Read more »


 My pick  for a night  at the theatre is the Goodman Theatre’s production of DISGRACED. It is an amazingly well written (Ayad Akhtar) and well performed story about relationships.  The center of the relationships is Amir Kapoor (Bernard White), a Wall Street attorney who is working hard to become partner. He has changed his name and... Read more »

A PERFECT GUY – Interview with Sanaa Lathan

The thriller film, A PERFECT GUY, starring Sanaa Lathan, Morris Chestnut, and Michael Ealy opens in theaters on Friday, September 11th.  If you have  seen the trailer it is intense.  I had a chance  to sit down with Sanaa while she was in town doing press for the film.   Everyone butchers your first name, how... Read more »

GRANDMA is a Testament to Unconditional Love

The love of a grandmother is beyond unconditional.  I witness this with family and friends. The way a parent raises their children is thrown out the window when the grandchildren comes into the picture. The film “Grandma” stars Lily Tomlin as Elle, a 70 year old woman who is a poet, author, and lesbian.  She... Read more »

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON – My Best Film of the Year

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON – My Best Film of the Year This film is one of the best films I have seen this year.  I was a radio personality on the number 1 Urban Station in Chicago when NWA hit the scene.  I actually interviewed these guys and this film brought back lots of memories. The... Read more »


The film begins with little Reed Richards giving a report on what he wants to be when he grows up. He wants to teleport people to another plain. Seven years later Reed (Miles Teller) and his best, less nerdy friend Ben (Jamie Bell) are discovered at a science fair using the teleporting device.  Reed is... Read more »

PIPPIN – Looking for its Corner of the Sky

I love the musical PIPPIN.  I have seen the production over the years 15 times. I’m not ashamed.  I’ve seen Ben Vereen as the Leading Player, he was my favorite, and I’ve seen Larry Riley in the role.  I would get goose bumps during the opening number when the cast would be all along the... Read more »

Magic Mike XXL Has Serious Moves

Most of you have seen the 2012 film Magic Mike so I don’t have to go through the back story.  It’s three years later and Mike has hung up his G-string and gone legit. The remaining Kings of Tampa are passing through on their way to dance their final performance at a stripper convention in Myrtle... Read more »


First and foremost, DO NOT take your children to see this film.  Those of you who have not seen TED may think this movie is about a cuddly cute teddy bear that talks.  No, this movie is about a teddy bear that does drugs, makes obscene remarks, and curses like a sailor. TED2 picks up... Read more »


Director George Miller stepped on crazy with this film.  Each film in the Mad Max series was a little more out there than the last.  There was always action but Mad Max: Fury Road takes it up more than a notch with the cars blowing up, people swaying on poles between trucks and all terrain... Read more »