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Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters of 1984

When I first heard that there was going to be a remake of the film Ghostbusters with an all female cast of some of my favorite comedians and actors I thought what a great idea.  With Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones it can’t help but be funny and it was…in places. In a nutshell –... Read more »

Mike and Dave Needs More Than Wedding Dates

  Mike (Adam DeVine) and Dave (Zac Efron) are brothers who can be counted on to mess up every family event given. They haven’t’ learned the responsibility lesson yet.  Their parents have demanded that they get their act together and get a couple of nice respectable girls to attend their sister’s wedding in Hawaii and... Read more »

Finding Dory is Heartwarming

When I went to review the film Finding Nemo I took of a friend of mine five year old daughter and seven year old son so I could gage the reaction of the target audience.  As I was heading to the screening of Finding Dory it dawned on me that the five year old is... Read more »

A Conversation with Hayden Rolence, the Voice of Nemo

  Hayden Rolence is a handsome young man of eleven, just a few days away from turning twelve who lives his life in the Chicagoland area.  He has been acting and modeling since the ripe age of four.  He golf’s, sings and plays the piano.  If you saw him walking down the street you may... Read more »

My Lunch with Mike Epps - Part Two - Richard Pryor

Recently I was invited to sit down to lunch with Mike Epps while he was here in Chicago promoting his new show Uncle Buck which airs on ABC (Read Part One of My Lunch With Mick Epps).  We spoke on many things and one topic was his starring in the Richard Pryor movie. Has there... Read more »

My Lunch With Mike Epps

 Recently Mike Epps was in Chicago promoting his new sitcom Uncle Buck beginning June 14th on ABC. I was invited to have lunch with him and of course talk about the show.  I had met Mike before but never really had a chance sit and relax and get to know the real man.  He is... Read more »

ME BEFORE YOU Is The Best Romance Film This Year

Hi, my name is Bonnie DeShong and I am a hopeless sucker for romance and happy endings. So many times I will see a romantic comedy and laugh and know before the film has reached the end that the guy and girl will get back together and live happily ever after and I’m okay with... Read more »


The Nice Guys is a story about two guys who seem very different but are very much the same. Picture this…Late 1970’s L.A., earth tone colors,  cars with money for names (deuce and a quarter), platform shoes, colorful prints, and not piece of clothing matching.  I don’t have to picture it, I lived it.  In... Read more »


Broadway In Chicago has brought the long running smash hit CHICAGO to the Cadillac Palace Theater. CHICAGO is set in the Cook County Jail in the 1920’s. Matron “Mama” Morton (Roz Ryan) runs the women’s side of the jail with an iron fist and outstretched palm. She will make the sure the girls get the... Read more »

Captain America: Civil War

The definition of a civil way is a war between citizens of the same country.  In this case it is more a very strong difference of opinion between friends. As I sat in my seat at the IMAX Theater with my bag of popcorn, lemonade and 3D Glasses in place, I was filled with anticipation... Read more »