Jordan Peele has done it again with film US

Therefore, thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them. Jeremiah 11:11

This is one of those films that you need to see and process for yourself, so I am not going to give you all the details, but I am going to say that Jordan Peele has a very imaginative mind and I am so glad he is making a mark in the horror genre in film.

You’ve seen the trailers, so I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. The Wilson family are headed to their cabin in Santa Cruz for vacation.  At the beach their son Jason (Evan Alex) wonders off and sees a weird man. evan-alex-in-us-2019

That evening, back at the cabin they notice a family standing in their driveway. The Wilson’s are terrified to find out the family are grotesque images of them. jordan-peele-us-monsters-1545431464849_1280w

Jordan Peele’s idea for this film is genius, however, he lost me in some areas.  His twists are spot on, the characters are truly disturbing.  However, I felt that he had a little too much comedic element in this film.  It worked in “Get Out” but in “US” sometimes it didn’t make sense to me and came at awkward times.


Lupita Nyang’o as the mother Adelaide Wilson was kind of scary though loving but when she turned into Red she was terrifying.  Shahadi Wright Joseph plays the teenage daughter Zora.  She is typical teenager who who’s life is her phone. She is much more interesting as her shadow Umbrae.   Evan Alex is the young son Jason. There were quite a few times I wanted Adelaide to send him into next week (people raised before time outs will know what I’m talking about), however, as Pluto his evil twin he was amazing.  I felt almost felt sorry for Pluto. He was the most untamed but more childlike.   Winston Duke is the father Gabe Wilson and the comic relief.  After a while I didn’t believe him as the head of the family working with Adelaide to protect them.  His evil person was Abraham and was the least interesting of them all. lupita-nyongo-and-winston-duke

My hat is tipped to the acting skills of these actors.  To play two totally different roles, at the same time, and have us believe in theses two separate characters was phenomenal.

When I left the theater, I knew I enjoyed the film but wasn’t sure if I totally liked it.  After sitting on it a few days I realized I really did like the characters, the story, and the possibilities of the shadows or tethered.  The film intrigued me more than scare me.  The ending is classic in true horror fashion.

I am going to see it again to fill in some of the empty spaces I have.  I left with so many questions.

You should spend the money and see US in theaters but I should warn you, it is quite bloody.

Please write me your thoughts. I would love to discuss ideas of this film. madison-curry-in-us


Until next time, keep your EYE to the sky!



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