Chicago’s Navy Pier Offers Free Public Programming

Navy Pier is not only a Chicago icon but one of my favorite places to visit and take family and friends.  I didn’t realize the great free programming the Pier offered until I had a conversation with my good friend Michelle Boone who is the Chief Program and Civic Engagement Officer, Navy Pier.

Bonnie:   Michelle I come to the Navy Pier all the time for the movies, trade shows, theatre, and just to chill but I wasn’t aware of the free programming that is offered to the public of all ages.  Would you please share some of the information?

Michelle Boone:  Sure. We just launched a program called Stroller Grooves, it's a live music performance targeting very young audiences that's every Tuesday at noon in the Crystal Garden, and features performers in Chicago that really have built an audience with very young audiences, Little Miss Ann, and the Q Brothers, Animal Farm, even groups like Muntu Dance Theater will be performing for the kids. And it's very interactive, kids are encouraged to sing and dance along, and it's quite adorable.

Also, in February we're doing three programs under the heading called Global Connections. And it's a celebration of some traditional ethnic celebration programs. There will be performances, art-making activities, music, dance, food, and that's all free. We will celebrate the Chinese New Year, and then, on the first Saturday in March there will be a Hindu Spring celebration called Holi.

We also have a new public arts installation that will open February 16th, called Prismatica, which is 25 6-foot prism towers that kind of spins around and captures the light, and radiate back colors and sounds; it's interactive, and that's also free and accessible, and would be installed in Polk Brothers Park.


And then later in the spring, we'll kick back off our fitness programming; we've got soccer training and cardio/yoga program to help people get their bikini bodies ready in time for the summer.

Bonnie:  This is really exciting. I am filling up my calendar. If people want to find about the programs, pricing, and have questions, where should they go?

Michelle Boone: They can do a couple of things. They can go to the website,, or they can download our new app, there's a Navy Pier app that's accessible on Android and iPhone through the app store, and it's updated on a regular basis, and they can get all the information that they want about not just our programs, but other programs that are happening throughout the pier. So, specials that might be offered through the restaurants, programming that's available at the Children's Museum, and also the performance schedule for Chicago Shakespeare, and the app will also have the schedules for the boat operators that are docked at the pier.

Bonnie: Thanks Michelle, I’m excited about the great things happening at Chicago’s Navy Pier. I'm sure I will see you often at the Pier.

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