Bonnie's Eye On Movies - COCO

This past weekend I had a wonderful time spending the entire day at the movies, eating popcorn, and watching previews.

One of the most heartwarming films I have seen in awhile is COCO.  I laughed, I cried, and I received an education on a tradition I have always been curious about known as The Day of the Dead or Dia de Muertos.


Miguel Rivera is a 12 year old boy who lives in a small Mexican village. For generations his family has been forbidden to have music of any kind around them because his Great Great Grandfather left his wife Imelda and young daughter Coco to pursue a life making music and was never heard from again.  Miguel's Great Great Grandmother Imelda tears her husband's head from the family photograph which included their loving daughter Coco, demanded his name never be spoken, and the family shall never of have music around them.  This is hard on Miguel because he loves to  make music and has decided to defy his family and perform in a contest in the Village Town Square during the celebration of the Day of the Dead. 


After his Grandmother Elena finds out about his plan, she breaks his guitar and forbids him to ever make music. Miguel decides to borrow the guitar from the tomb of his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, a  singer and film star's tomb from the 1930's.  Once he gets there he realizes that the same guitar the belonged to Ernesto is the same guitar that is in the family photo.  


Of course, Ernesto de la Cruz must be Miguel's missing Great Great Grandfather. Something happens while Miguel is in the tomb and he is transported to The Land of the Dead where he runs into his Great Great Grandmother Imelda and Aunt's and Uncles. We find out that if a family member's photo is not placed on the altar then they can not come back to be with their family. Miguel has taken the family photo of his Great Great Grandmother Imelda so she can not cross over to the Land of the Living, however, she is willing to give Miguel her blessing to return as long as he never plays or sings music again. Instead Miguel runs away looking for Ernesto to receive the blessing because he knows he will be able to do what he loves when he returns. Play music.  

Miguel meets many wonderful and different friends while in the Land of the Dead.  One is Hector who promises to get Miguel to Ernesto if he takes back to the Land of the Living Hector's picture so he won't be forgotten.


I will stop here or I will go on and on.   I loved this movie.  It explains that the tradition of the Day of the Dead is about the love of family and keeping their memory alive and near our hearts by remembering and honoring them in a festive way.  SPEND THE MONEY and take the family to see COCO.


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